Lalylala LUPO the lamb

Lalylala LUPO the lamb - Amigurumi - DIY Crochet Pattern

Lalylala LUPO was my first crochet amigurumi.  Because it was so cute, my mom also picked up her hook and made another one!

Being the first, there were many things I could have done better:

  1. Gauge – the doll was made bottom up.  As you can see the darker one on the left, the legs were significantly bigger.  Then I learnt, and eventually tighten the gauge.
  2. Safety eyes – a novice like me started unprepared.  When it was time for the eyes, oops!    I quickly took two beads from my daughter’s craft box, and sewed them on.  Now I looked back, the doll would look much better with safety eyes.
  3. Perfect colour change – it was not until later I learnt from weebee dolls how to make a crochet perfect colour change.  This was especially important on the neck, because it was the key to make the it more sturdy, and the head not wobbly.

Now the lesson was learnt.  Have you figured out which LUPO the Lamb was made by me, and which one was made by my mom?


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